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Perfectly Imperfect

In the evening I tend to zone out onto my phone, usually in Facebook land where I “connect” with people. I watch people’s perfect lives play out. Recently while scrolling I saw one of those inspirational posts that caught me off guard. “Don’t judge the person whose life seems perfect because to someone you might […]

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My Worst-Case Scenario Handbook

Years ago, I discovered The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  This series of books reviewed how to land a plane, survive a killer bee attack, and other extreme situations.  However, at its root is the desire to know how to get yourself and those you love out of unpleasant and occasionally dangerous circumstances.  This has been […]

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Then Versus Now: Free Range Or Zoo?

My daughter asked me to write a post titled “Then Versus Now” about the differences between rearing children today and 30 years ago.  But the thing is, I don’t think I reared my children much differently. I mean, there were superficial differences. I didn’t ignore my kids using an iPhone; I used a real book. […]

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