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3 Tips for Getting Enough Rest Without Feeling Guilty

As a pregnant entrepreneur preparing for maternity leave, my to-do list has grown exponentially since becoming pregnant. The irony of it is that I should really be giving myself more breaks and time to rest now to help the baby grow and to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Every wellness coach, doctor, and therapist will […]

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Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions in 2018

What’s your New Year’s resolution?? It’s a common question you hear, and probably even ask, toward the end of December or early January. What is that relatively empty promise you made yourself to either stop or start doing something? Year after year, it’s the same old story: I’ll start exercising, I’ll eat healthy, I’ll save […]

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A New Year, Still “Just” Me

As much as we may try to deny it, 2018’s arrival is approaching blisteringly fast. With that comes the influx of gym, new car, financial planning, and travel advertisements.  Turn on the TV, check Facebook, or open your favorite celebrity magazine and “A new year, a new you!” bombards us from every corner. Look, I’m […]

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